Wallpaper App Development Services | Offline Mode

Are you interested in creating a cool Wallpaper App and publishing it to the Google Play Store, But you don't understand programming and are new to this field? Don't worry, we will provide a solution.

Here we offer services for making cool wallpaper applications that you can publish to the Play Store.

Don't worry about the price, Because we will also provide the best price for you. For only $20, then you will get a cool wallpaper application that has many features.

And here are the features of the wallpaper application that we offer you :

Technology Use :

  • Java 
  • Json 
  • Android Studio Arctic Fox 2020.3.1
  • SDK 31

Features :

  • Navigation Menu
  • Using 5 Ad Integrations
  • GDPR configuration
  • Open Bidding Fan
  • And Other

What You Will Get :
  • AAB & APK File
  • Free 100+ Wallpaper Images
  • Free Icons For Playstore Needs
  • Free Mockup Screenshot

Order Terms :
  • Choose 1 Category (Anime For Examples)
  • App Name
  • Email
  • Privacy Policy Link
  • Max 1X24 Hours (According to Queue)
  • For Details, Please Contact Us Here : https://t.me/Xsourcecode

Thanks You