Free Download Source Code OXOO - Flutter Live TV & Movie Portal App for iOS And Android v1.0

Download OXOO Flutter Is an excellent Android live TV and movie portal app. Which is included with the PHP admin dashboard script. You will be able to maintain all your changes easily by using this dashboard.


This will provide the best experience in entertainment as an IPTV writer or owner of a movie application or site.


This is a smart application with easy-to-use tool settings for you and the client. You and your clients can watch movies and live TV on Android devices without any hassle.


OXOO Flutter Not just an app but also a dinner app with UI/UX Super. You can manage TV channels by using PHP dashboard and this is another special and smart option for users because it is not only dashboard OXOO Flutter Which includes the Android source code as well. And this is also a Plug-in from "OVOO - TV Live and CMS movie portal with unlimited TV series"


You can easily integrate everything including this app with OVOO PHP. To observe the needs of ISPs, we have made OXOO Flutter an entertainment application that can be very useful. This application is built with advanced modules and many other advanced features for complete management of entertainment applications.


In addition, this application also supports ads such as ti Admob And also onesignal notifications that can help make money and engage clients with the latest content. As for the admin dashboard, it has been developed with a PHP-based application framework (CodeIgniter) Its very fast and easy to customize.

Slight difference from the Android version of OXOO

  • Flutter build for iOS & Android both.
  • Only In-App Purchase support with this flutter version.
  • YouTube Video & Live support Removed.
  • Embed not supported by Flutter Version.

Core Features

  • Live TV
  • Movie
  • Series

Highlighted Features

  • Share Movie,Series, Live TV.
  • Subscription with Trail Option.
  • PaypaL & Stripe Payment Gateway.
  • Custom Price Plan & Validity.
  • Free & Paid Content Features.
  • Billing Functionality.
  • Easy Documentation & Video. Mp4, WebM, wmv, MKV*, HLS, RTMP & Subtitle support.
  • Powerful OpenSource Video Player.

Payment Gateway(Online)

  • Google Apple


Supported Ads Network

  • Google AdMob


Admin Features

  • Movie scrapper Simple type movie name to get all information from online
  • Auto Import movie from TMDb easily
  • Upload Video from your device to local server and share it.
  • Fetch Stars Easily fetch actor/director/writter image and info from tmdb.
  • Seasons & Episodes Create unlimited Seasons & Episodes for TV-series.
  • Multiple Video Source for single movie/episodes
  • amazing UI/UX
  • hls/m3u8 support
  • mp4 from url support
  • webm from url support
  • m3u8 from url support
  • movie/tv-series search on admin dashboard
  • User Login,Registration
  • Genere wish movie Management
  • Country wish movie Mangement
  • Multi User Based System
  • Smart User Management System for Admin
  • Informative Administrator Dashboard

User Experience

  •  Home Slider
  • Image/Movie Slider
  • Admob Baner Ad
  • Admob Interstitial Ad
  • onesignal Notification
  • Eye Catching Design
  • Responsive Layout
  • Cloud Based Application
  • Cost Efficient Application
  • Secured Database
  • Secured API With API Key
  • PHP Based CodeIgniter(MVC) Application Panel
  • Full-rest API Based Architecture

Supported file format for live TV

  • Supported file format for Move & TV-Series
  • MP4 WEBM
  • Amazone S3
  • Vimeo
  • HLS/M3U8